Healthy Food 4 Foster Kids

Supplemental Nutrition Program, for abused & Foster Children


In an effort to help with child hunger & Obesity of abused, neglected and foster children, Foster Kids Charity launched a food program in 2014, distributing nutritious food bags in Texas. We serve 500-1500 food bags per month but always need more (2500 at minimum) for additional offices around our area of service.

These food bags provide Supplemental food to:

  • Feed abused & neglected children in CPS offices
  • Feed Children in CPS while parents are under investigation
  • Feed CPS children as their social worker transport them to court/Shelter
  • Feed children under the care of other social welfare agencies

Social, economic, physical, and psychological factors play a role in nutrition and/or malnutrition. Children living in foster care are at nutritional risk. Studies show health problems such as growth problems, anemia and disturbed eating behaviors, observed at children of neglect and abuse. On top Children of abused were not been fed regularly or consistently and are often in consistent hunger mode. Our snack bags offer healthy snacks throughout the day to those children. Our desired outcome is and that neglected, abused and foster child in state care has eaten balanced meal each day and will not go hungry due to budget restrictions.

Content of our snack bags (see snacks options below):

  • One Juice Box
  • One soft cereal bar or cracker
  • Fruit snack
  • Educational material (small coloring book)
  • Letter or note of encouragement

Restrictions: No peanut butter, no nuts, no spicy flavors, no chocolate candies or plain chocolate bars (i.e Texas heat)


Food bags prep opportunities:

To help our charity reach a large number of children in need we appreciate off site preparation of food bags. Community service hours provided if needed. Funds toward our food program are at need always! please donate online or by check mailed to: Foster Kids Charity 12830 Hillcrest Rd #111 Dallas Texas 75230 . All Contributions are tax deductible 501c3.

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